Rusty Bore Covers Can Kill

A bore cover can take 20 years to slowly rust to the point where a person stepping on it will fall straight through. The fall can easily be deadly. Unfortunately it is likely to be children who like to play on such an interesting object. With 170 000 Bores throughout the Perth Metro area there are highly likely to be home owners unaware of the danger. The council check pool fencing and the electricity wires but not bore covers.

There is also a real risk to household pets. Pets are just as vulnerable to falling through dangerously rusted bore covers.
There is a significant number of bores in the front yard of properties and the almost all are unsecured. If the public knew how deep many of these bore holes are they would be terrified. I have visited many properties delivering bore covers and some are so deep you cannot see the bottom. Even in the same suburb there are shallow and deep bores.

Why Garden Bores Should Not Be Included in the Winter Sprinkler Ban

The state government has declared the winter total sprinkler ban in Perth and Mandurah a success and has decided to make this a permanent feature. It is obvious that reducing the scheme water used on lawns saves much needed reserves. The trial 2 month ban saved 50 million litres of water. What is not obvious is whether banning bore water use makes any difference at all.

More water is drained from the shallow aquifer in Perth every year by the Water Authority than is drawn by garden bores. This is done to stop the ground water from rising too high. By reducing garden bore use in winter the Water Authority will just have to drain more water out of the aquifer. Where is the common sense in that. Further more during the trial 362 educational letters and 1160 warnings were issued to bore owners with the threat of fines if they persist.

Environmentally the use of garden bores are helpful because they replace the function of vegetation that used to draw the water to the surface. Many of the trees in the metro area have been removed to build houses. A further problem with banning garden bores is that many of the older bores if not run for a while need priming. This doesn't sound like a big problem but many of the wells are over 2 metres deep and represent a real safety risk.

So why are we banning garden bores if it makes no difference to the scheme dam levels, it is environmentally disadvantageous, and causes mechanical problems which is a real safety risk to fix. The water authority would not reply to me when questioned about this. I believe the real reason is so it is easier to stop and control users of the scheme water.

How Do I Measure My Bore Size

For a Traditional Cover
To measure the size of the bore cover use a tape measure and measure the distance across the concrete liner. You need to measure from the outside of the concrete liner to the outside of the other side.

For a Flat Cover
We need you to measure the outside diameter which is the distance from the outside of the concrete liner to the outside of the other side and the Inside diameter which is the distance from the inside of one side to the inside of the opposite side.

It is a good idea to measure this diameter in 2 directions because some of the old liners are bigger on one side.

Do not do this if you believe there is any chance you may fall in to the well. Do not send children to do this task.

If you need assistance contact Perth Bore Covers for help.


Government Policy

Metropolitan Garden Bore Policy (August 2011)
This document explains the garden bore policy for Western Australia.

Using Bore Water Safely Fact Sheet.
This is a south Australian publication but is equally relevant to Western Australia. It explains how and why your bore water should be tested if you intend to use it other than for watering the garden.

Department of Water
This link takes you to the WA Dept Of Water website garden bore information page. It has sprinkler rosters and Bore Installation information.

Department Of Health Bore Water Facts
This link takes you to the Department of Health WA website bore water information page. It has interesting information on contamination, testing and health related topics.

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